Natural Window Treatments Save Trees   ★

Save The Trees With Natural Window Treatments

We all want to do our part to help the trees and environment. For this reason, it is important that we realize that we can do our part in various ways.

Recycling is a great way to start things off. That is a very common way to help but another less obvious option is your window shades.

In case you didn’t know, some window shades are made with materials that are harmful for the environment.

You can replace your old window treatment with more nature friendly options. If you want a screen because of your situation or preference, opt for the eco-friendly version.

Many retailers and manufacturers offer an eco-friendly option. To get the best prices please visit , , , , , and If that isn’t low enough go to , , , , , and More styles can be seen by clicking , , , , , , and

Another option is a bamboo shade which is made of recycled natural materials like bamboo.

Lodging With New Window Shades   ★

The Best Window Coverings for Lodges

Those of us who are lucky enough to own a lodge know how great it is to be able to spend a weekend away from stress of our normal lives.

Lodges give us the opportunity to be in a different world all without having to spend money on a hotel and accommodations.

For this reason, it is important that your lodge be outfitted with great window coverings. Our favorite kind is the basswood horizontal blinds.

These are great because they maintain the natural look of the wood.

Another great window covering is a woven wood shade. These shades are made with natural materials that help enhance their beauty.

You can even get these motorized for added comfort and luxury.

In the end, make sure you order samples before placing your order for the shades. You can get these great looking window blinds shipped to all these areas that include  blinds Hendersonblinds Akronblinds indianapolisblinds Arlington Virginia,blinds charlotteblinds Kansas City they similar window treatments to hunter douglas blinds and target blinds so get your blinds direct form

I hear that they give you free samples that will only take 3-4 days if you are in these locations at blinds Tucsonblinds Long Beachblinds Atlantawindow curtains chicago or blinds New York City. Moreover, there are a great selection of blinds that you can get at  blinds El Pasoblinds Omahablinds Miami and they have pictures of window treatments for you to decide which one to buy. 

Illusion Shades Are Great For Modern Lodges   ★

Illusion shades are great for modern lodges because they offer flexibility and style in one elegant package. Unlike regular window shades, Illusion shades have a double layer of fabric that allows you to open and close the panes. For some examples please visit website, and website. In addition you can also visit website, and to get more examples of Illusion shades., and are all great for shopping around whether you are interested in regular window shades or Illusion shades. Regardless of which you are interested in, your lodge will look much better with new shades to replace the old ones.

What To Look For In A Great Hotel   ★



When looking at hotels for your next vacation, the process can get stressful very quickly.

To avoid this unpleasant situation we must remember some basic information.

The first is to write down a list of things you want the hotel to have.

Do you want a pool for your kids? Is free Wi-Fi important to you? These are just some of the common services that some hotels offer while others simply do not. Once you have your list written down, you can start researching.


Another tip is to read the reviews on a variety of travel sites. It is important to read on multiple sites because you can get a better idea on what people really think. There has been an increase in fake reviews over the last few years.

As businesses realized that consumers started to put more stock into online reviews, they’ve added positive reviews that are completely false.

For this reason and some others, it’s important to look at different sites for the same hotel.


Price is important no matter what type of service you are looking for. This applies to hotels as well.

There are numerous travel sites that you can check for the best pricing. This is something that you should also write down. After writing down the price on the travel sites, try calling the hotel directly.

My close friend is in her wedding planning process, and she is now trying to plan her honeymoon. To her and her soon to be husband, the right hotel choice is a BIG deal. This is a vacation they will forever remember, and they surely don’t want the memory marred by a poor choice in hotel. She is using the internet for most of her research. She had such great luck finding her wedding dress online on Say Yes Bridal Store, that she feels 100% confident she will find a great hotel too. However, finding that beautiful dress was pretty hard but she finally decided on a wedding dresses for cheap that was on Say Yes Bridal Store, an online store that sells discounted dresses. Here is the link of the site so that you can see more dresses, But now she didn’t want to go to the hotel anymore and wanted to wait for her gown at home. But I was able to convince her and anyways there are many days left for her wedding anyways.

Back to talking about hotels, speak to the representative in a polite manner and see if they have any specials or if they can match or better the price you found elsewhere. I have tried this tactic and actually got the price matched and a free room upgrade by booking directly with the hotel. These are just some of the tips when it comes to searching for the perfect hotel room for your vacation. Another things you need to take into account is the upgrades that the hotel has done. Let’s say that they got new motorized window shades over at for their rooms.  Moreover, they have solid wood blinds and remote control blinds that can go over nice in any home. Moreover, these guys have the best window treatments such as cheap blinds, solar blinds and blackout blinds. Be kind and view their window shade such as their roman shades and bamboo blinds too. What this says is that they are up to date and care about their customers. I learned from an seo miami business that if a hotel offers internet services for free that they are more likely to have more customers. Stay in the know-how and you will have a great room for an unbeatable price.